Following are the steps involved under the project management service :

Selection and coordination of Architect/consultant/contractors and vendors :
SC engineering works with the clients to build a strong project team. We develop and distribute the RFP/RFQ, review consultant/contractor fee proposals and develop comparative matrices with ranking and recommendations for consultants. We fix milestones and deliverables to ensure project delivery on time. After reviewing consultant /contractor invoices, we provide a “constructability” review of the design.

Budget and schedule analysis and control:
After understanding our Clients requirements, we develop an initial project budget and schedule. Our team then sits with the Client and consultants to reduce scope and/or value engineer the project to ensure the project is within time and budget. We track the Project Schedule and report any slippages, in advance, to Client along with a recommended strategy to mitigate the impact.

Construction management :
We establish strict schedules for contractor deliverables. To keep our clients updated regularly, we provide weekly on-site review and report the critical issues to the Client. The coordination between team and clients are maintained.

Close out/ Handing over